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Mighty Prayer To The Guardian Angel Of Your Beloved.

Guardian angels are figures well known to all of us, and some in particular, such as the archangels, are great representatives of divine assistance on earth, always ready to respond to the requests of those in need, especially when it is about directing our prayers in the direction of love. This can be done through a powerful prayer to the guardian angel of your loved one.

The term angel comes from the Greek ággelos , which means messenger, a term associated with them, since throughout history angels have always acted as intermediaries between the earth and the heavens. There are several categories of angels such as seraphim , cherubim , thrones or even archangels . In the artistic context, they are largely represented in the human form possessing, despite everything, wings, symbol of the union between the divine and the mortal and between the earth and the heavens.


The guardian angels are another "class" widespread and known when it comes to applying with a powerful prayer. Guardian angels are beings designated by God, from our birth to accompany us throughout our life, protect us and guide us in times of doubts and difficulties.

It is normal to have recourse to angels through a powerful prayer when we need protection or clarity of mind and in ideas, since these beings of light have the role of carrying our prayers to heaven and answering them. in one way or another.


You should know that if you want to ask for help, not for yourselves, but for someone you love, a powerful prayer to the guardian angel of your loved one, or a prayer addressed in particular to the This person's guardian angel may be ideal.

When you pray to the guardian angel of your loved one, you direct your thoughts, your words and our faith to the guardian angel of the person you love, you are speaking to the right person, to the entity responsible for the well-being of that person you love as they are closely related to them and will know what to do to meet your request. In this regard, we invite you to discover a powerful prayer to the guardian angel of your beloved or any person who is dear to you.


“(Name of your beloved), your guardian angel chosen by Jesus Christ, to guide and protect you. I ask you blessed angel, to defend and save from the clutches of evil (Name of your beloved).

(Name of your beloved) do not pray to the guardian angel, to your protective spirit, to the saint of your name. I pray (your name) to me, your friend and companion.

(Make one Our Father and three Glory be to the Father).

I offer this Our Father and Glory to the Father to your guardian angel, to your spirit, to the saint of your name, so that they may make me penetrate your thoughts and your heart, so that he may consecrate me the strongest love and pure. In love with me, you will be. All that I have for you in distress will end and you will give me all that you have, and all that you know you will tell me. It is not me chasing you , it is your guardian angel, the spirit of your body, the saint of your name, who will make sure that you do not take any pleasure with anyone other than me (your name ), because you will not live in peace until you have done it for me: (make your request).

Blessed be your guardian angel. May you (Name of your beloved) and I (your name) be covered with the mantle of the Virgin Mary and may this prayer be blessed and real as the days we live, through Jesus Christ who lives and reigns all days in the heavens. I place this prayer in the hands of the Mother of God, this prayer addressed to your guardian angel (Name of your beloved).In the spirit of your body, the saint of your name. Amen

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