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The Names that were given to the Different days of Hajj

Hajj was given a name, one that was appropriate to the significance of that particular day. For example, the seventh day of Dhul-Hijjah was called the "Day of Az-Zeenah." Az-Zeenah means adornment, and the seventh of Dhul-Hijjah was named thus because it was the day during which sacrificial animals were adorned. 

Photo: Pilgrims arriving at Mina

The eight of Dhil-Hijjah was named the "Day of At-Tarwiyyah," Tarwiyyah meaning to irrigate or to supply with water; the name was fitting because, on the eight of Dhil-Hijjah, pilgrims would provide drink for their camels, and would fill up their water containers for the upcoming days, since in those times the stopping places of Hajj - such as 'Arafah and Muzdalifah - were devoid of springs and wells. Today, there is plentiful water in all of those places, and all praise is for Allaah.

Photo: Pilgrims assembly at Arafah.

The ninth of Dhil-Hijjah is called the "Day of Arafah", for the obvious reason that pilgrims spend much of that day in Arafah. The tenth of Dhul-Hijjah is known by three names: "The Day of An-Nahr (i.e., of slaughtering, for it is the day upon which pilgrims slaughter sacrificial animals)," "The Day of Al-Adha," and, "The Day of Al-Hajj Al-Akbar."

Photo: Pilgrims sleeping under the sky in Mina.

The eleventh of Dhul-Hijjah is called the "Day of Al-Qarr"; Al-Qarr means settling down, and on the eleventh day pilgrims settle down in one place; the eleventh of Dhul-Hijjah, which is one of the first days of At-Tashreeq, is called the "Day of Ar-Ru'oos." The second day of At-Tashreeq, or the twelfth of Dhul-Hijjah, is called the "Day of the First Departure," for on that day it is permissible for pilgrims to leave early and return to Makkah. The third day of At-Tashreeq, or the thirteenth of Dhul-Hijjah, is called the "Day of Arafah of the Second Departure," since on that day the rest of the pilgrims depart from Mina.

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