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‘Because of those who bet on football matches, my prophecy failed.' - Prophet Badu Kobi is enraged.

Glorious Wave Church International's president and founder uploaded a video earlier this week boldly predicting a win for Brazil in the Copa America finals, as well as a triumph for England in the 2020 Euros finals, both of which he claimed, was inspired by the Holy Spirit. When his credibility was questioned as a result of the failure of his prophecy, he swore to explain the circumstances surrounding the prophecy's failure.

Except for the aforementioned, Badu Kobi said all of his football forecasts had come true when speaking at a Sunday service on July 18. Except for these two, no football prophecy I've made has ever come true,” he grumbled.“There is no prophet without a failed prophecy, are you God?” he continued. They should demonstrate one to me. Every church member would have prospered if every prophecy had come true.”He also stated that anyone who bet on football games should be held responsible for what occurred.

There is no football prophecy I have said which has never come to pass except these two”, he fumed. He added, “There is no prophet without a failed prophecy, are you, God? They should show me one. If every prophecy has come to pass then every church member would have succeeded.”He also added that those who bet on football matches should also be blamed for what happened. He said these people decided to use the word of God to make money for themselves and since God is against gambling, he turned the prediction upside down.

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