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Faith Vs Legality: Are Christians In Ghana Being Hypocritical In Criminalizing LGBTQI?

A few days in the past, a question was deliberately asked : why is adultery and fornication no longer against the law in most countries and especially in Ghana?

Absurd as the query sounded to a few people, some respected people offer their thoughts.

most of the respondents made the point that adultery and fornication bother on morality and religious beliefs—-hence, can't be topics for prison or criminal discussions.

One Christo-crazy friend boldly argued: “adultery and fornication are sins, not crimes. Ghanaians have to know better”

Unbeknownst to this friend and some opposite responses', desired their comments to pass an opinion on the matter to criminalize LGBTQI in Ghana.

while later the matter introduced a contentious problem, the same respondents started quoting scriptures—stating that LGBTQI is a sin and all its related activities are equally sinful.

a few went to the extent of quoting specific quantities/chapters of their faith that condemn LGBTQI.

those are individuals who are calling for or assume LGBTQI have to be criminalized, of course, based totally on their non secular ideals/persuasions and religious beliefs.

Now the question remains: why must LGBTQI believed to be sin and has everything to do with faith/religion be criminalized, but adultery and fornication which might be additionally sin, and bother on religion cannot be criminalized?

If the discussion of criminalizing adultery and fornication need to be flushed out like ordure, why should that of LGBTQI be encouraged or commenced in the first place?

Are christians in ghana being hypocritical in criminalizing LGBTQI+?

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