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Ever had a dream and you don't understand, Check out 15 different dreams and their meaning

Dreams are a common thing in every human being life. Literally everybody dream. But dreams can be so frustrating if you don't understand and especially when it's a bad dream. Check out these 15 dreams and their meaning.

1. If you dream of a cat, means that there would be someone close to you disappointing you. Cats are termed as a bad omen if you see them at night, thus you need to be careful of your close friends and relatives.

2. If you dream of dogs, then you to keep your close friends close.

3. If you dream of a dog biting you, you need to be careful of relatives because they can harm you.

4. If you are cooking in the dream, then it means you are ready to execute a task or you are ready for action.

5. If you are eating in the dream, then it means you are taking in something which is not good or in your physical life, you have started letting things that are bad take over your life.

6. If you dream of dying, means something bad is about to end in your life. Death symbolizes the end of all things.

7. If you dream you are having gold, means you will be massively wealthy and very successful.

8. Someone is chasing you, then you are running away from some negativity or it can even be positive.

8. Sex with an unknown person, then it means you are spiritually married to someone in the spiritual realm and you need to be serious about prayers.

9. Getting married in the dream symbolizes spiritual marriage.

10. Learning at your former school means they are trying to take you back always.

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