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Ten (10) Most Powerful and Significant Surahs everyone must know in the Holy Quran.

The Holy Quran was revealed to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by Allha which contains the the word of Allha (God).

There are some chapters everyone must take notice of especially if you are a Muslim.

The ten most significant surah in the holy Quran are as follows;

#1. Surah Fatiah:

A surah for Shifa- cure for illness.


If recited in the house, it keeps satan away from the house.


Recitation every Friday there will be light beneath your feet on the day of resurrection Sins will be forgiven between 2 Fridays. The person who memorizes the first 10 verses of this surah will be protected against Dajjal.


The heart of the Quran. Recite in a day, reward equal to 10 times recitation of the Holy Quran.


Recite before sleeping Allah will send angels to protect you from any harm.The Surah that will plead on the reciter's behalf for Allah's forgiveness.


The shortest surah in the Holy Quran. Recitation will bring you under the protection of Allah against your enemies.


Reciting Surah Kafiroon rewards you with the recitation equal to quarter of the Quran. Recite11 times after Fajr and11times after Isha ends jealousy from ones heart and increases love and affection. It's also a clearance from shirk.


A surah with great virtues and rewards.Its recitation is equal to the recitation of one third of the Quran. Lie on your right side recite 100 times every night, Allah on the day of resurrection will make you enter paradise. Recite upon entering the house eradicate poverty and rizq in the house


Reading this sura during Ramadan rewards as equal to fasting in Makkah.The person will also be rewarded equal to performing Hajj or Umrah. Best for protection against jinns magic and evil eyes.


Whoever recites this surah keeps himself safe from jinns, from pain and also from magic.

Whenever Prophet Muhammad (SAW) become ill he will Falaq and Nas and rub his hand over his body. Whoever recites this surah keeps himself safe from Jinns, from pain and also from magic.

When you share this it is a Sadaqa and you shall be rewarded abundantly.

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