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My Father Did Not Care If I Live Or Die: Archbishop Duncan-Williams Tells A Touching Story

Leader and founder of the Action Chapel International, Archbishop Duncan Williams has told a touching story of the pains he went through when growing up as a child. He told his church members during a Sunday service that his father had many children and did not care if he lives or dies.

Archbishop Duncan Williams further narrated that there were times in his life where he did things to provoke his father but to no avail. He indicates that his father kept telling him to die because he does not care. Archbishop Duncan-Williams adds that his father saw him as a problem and wanted him out of the family.

“I never blame my father over anything. He did not care whether I live or die. Sometimes, I will try and do something to see if he will feel something and he will tell me, Nicholas, if you want to die please die. He told me he already has thirty-seven children and if I die then he would just bury me. I kept asking myself why he did not care because sometimes I do things just to move him but he did not feel anything at all. He only told me to die because I was a problem”. He noted sadly.

He says that it got to a point in his life where he had to struggle to survive. He advised the youth to be fighters and not wait to have things on a silver platter. He adds that life is never for the weak but those who are strong always sail through.

“I had to superimpose and fight every day to survive. I don’t know if the next generation can fight as we did. What I have come through to survive to this stage in life, this generation wants butter in their bread. They want sweet things and have fun. But I want to tell them that life is not for the weak. Life is very complicated it is for the strong. Hard times like when I was born, make strong men and women out of us. When I started Action Chapel 30 years ago, there was no air-condition we used to walk in stones and suns. Today, we are in an air-conditioned environment. Today everyone wants to make it for their kids but they like to take shortcuts in life.

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