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Beloved; God is about to course a Great Uplifting of your Head to Glorify His Name

Beloved of God. Your life is about to experience a Great Uplifting by God in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. For as long as you are waiting faithfully on God and walking in His words without backsliding, He has a sign that the Holy Spirit should Honor you for all the Pains which you have been through walking in Him.

Therefore, He asked me to remind you that as He said in His words in the Bible according to Psalm chapter 3 verse 3. This is exactly what He is going to do for you very soon. He will lift up your head from all who has taken you for granted and undermined you, and reject you, and to some of them, a rag is even useful to them than you are. And all you have to do is to By easing your heart and mind, and live your life in joy and a special laughter in all of your days. For soon does HE say that He's going to Honor You.

AS the Word of God is the Bible according to Isaiah chapter 61 verse 7. SAY that He will give you the double portion of all that you have ever lost, then this around is going to be heavy on you. And as Job chapter 42. And the Lord has restored Job in double fold, so are you going to be Blessed by the Living God whom you have submitted to all this while. This one is going to be whether you believe it or not, it is happening. Bless you.

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