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If you want money, good health, and love before 2022 is over, perform these rituals

A green apple, a hole-punched coin, Champagne, sugar, and honey These are the items required for the rituals that will bring you good fortune in love, money, job opportunities, and, most importantly, health.

Nature will help you in carrying them out because some require water, others at midnight, and yet others with ashes. Preparations must sometimes be left under a pillow, and sometimes in a bottle in a dark part of the house.

Here are the following effective rituals for good health, money and love before the year 2022 ends:

1. To attract prosperity and abundance, collect three coins with a square hole in the center. Tie them together with a red ribbon and place them in a small red bag with a leaf from a Rue or Ruda plant, a magnet, and a garlic clove - an esoteric plant that protects and brings good things into your life.

For seven days, place the sack under your pillow. Then take out the coins and magnet, burn the rest, and throw the ashes in moving water. Keep the red ribbon coins in your handbag or wallet at all times, and you'll always have money.

2. This ritual requires a green apple, honey, a coin, a very healthy plant, and water. Make a hole in the apple during the night, under a crescent moon, and insert the coin and honey.

Bury the apple alongside the plant, digging deep but not too deeply so that the plant can continue to grow. Then cover it with soil and water it thoroughly.

3. Take a coin and wash your hands with Champagne at midnight. Place the coin in a jar with sugar, then wash it with Champagne and set it aside to dry. Maintain the coin in your wallet or purse until the end of 2022. You will never run out of money in your wallet, and you can expect amazing money flow in the coming year.

4. Put three coins (preferably different ones so the spell is more effective) in a small airtight container. Cover the coins with honey, then cover with the equal amount of water. Close the container and tie three knots in a crimson ribbon around it.

Place the container in a location that is visible but not too evident so that someone can discover it.

When performed with great faith, these rituals are naturally strong. It tested and proved. This is not merely a test; it has a precise outcome.

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