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Watch the moment spiritual mallam hunts human soul buried in water by witches (Video)

The world is getting scarier each day, and strange things keep happening each day. The world is longer safe for mankind, who is to be blamed?

It is very obvious and clear that, there are a lot of people out there who do not believe in evil spirits or witches and wizards. Until they witness it with their naked eyes or experience it, they will never believe they exist.

This is in relation to the recent outbreak of the pandemic, where many people did not believe its existence until they got infected with the virus. Even as at now, there people out there who still think that Covid 19 is not real.

In today's story, which I came across on facebook, which happened in less than 24 hours, a spiritual mallam was recorded in a video hunting for human soul buried in water by witches. The spiritual soul cried out while it was being pulled out.

This particular clip emerged through social media and has engaged a lot of people talking about it. I will also be sharing with you some of the comments posted by netizens who came across the video on facebook.

Some of the quick questions we should be asking ourselves are; how did the mallan get to know that a human soul was buried in the water? This particular question was asked by many people.

Well, we all know that mallams have spiritual powers, but no one can tell which is real or fake. Like I said earlier, the world in which we live in now is longer safe.

Are you spiritually strong? How strong is your faith in Christ Jesus? Are you just a just a church goer or you worship God with truthful and honesty? It's all left with you. This is the era where we need to be strong spiritually. Pray and fast, don't be dull in prayer.

Be submissive to your act of worship. Stay away from things that distract your attention from serving God. It is only God that can save us in this era we are right now.The worls of today is no longer the world of yesterday. Things have changed.

Watch the video below and tell me your thoughts on it. May God's protection never departs from us.

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