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Spiritual Meaning Of Alcohol In Your Dream

If you see yourself consuming or drinking alcohol is a dream symbol of pollution, backsliding, and wayward life. Did you dream of drinking alcohol? If you drink alcohol in the real life, then it signifies you are wallowing in sin. If it happens you are not a drunkard, then it means your soul has been arrested to fall short of the glory of God. To drink too much alcohol in your dream is a sign that you are far away from God and its possible that his mercies will not prevail.

Once you discover you are picking interest for alcoholic drinks, then you may need to see your pastor to conduct deliverance on you. This may not be an ordinary revelation. You have to fast and prayers between 6am to 3pm with these Bible references Rom 6:1, Rom 8:1-3, Isa 54:17. You have to pray fervently for the alcohol, beer, to come out from your mouth.

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