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Flashback: We cannot accept any form of LGBTI in Ghana -- Reverend Kwadzo

Rt. Rev. Dr. Setorwu Kwadzo Ofori is the Moderator of the Global Evangelical Church. He was elected in August 2015 to serve a six-year term. The Right Reverend says lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) kindred is distortion of sex and misrepresentation of God’s creation. He said “Therefore, no serious Christian must engage in such acts. If you study the Bible from the Christian point of view, these acts are not acceptable to God. God created man and woman; He did not create only male nor female and Jesus came to confirm that.”

He further elaborated on how man ought to respect God’s ways of creation. “So, God’s purposes must be fulfilled. One cannot just get up from his or her comfort zone and say I am a man but I want to become a woman or the other way around. No one can change what God has created. People say it is their right, but your right must be accepted in the community or the country at large.”

Easter is just around the corner. The respected Rt. Rev. Ofori said in a talk, gave a guideline on god’s perception of events. “Jesus Christ was born a Jew and He came to save the world. So, the Jews believe that there must be procreation, hence they aborted anything that would prevent procreation because they were expecting a Saviour. How will Jesus come if He was not born of a woman? He was born through the Holy Spirit to grow and save the world. So, the Jews don’t accept any form of LGBTQI,” he added.

He also gave remarks on the groundwork to observe the execution and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter signifies the suffering, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to save man from sin. “But today, people forget about the importance of Easter. It’s not just a time for celebration where you wear new cloths, eat, and drink. It’s a time to reflect on the saving words and purpose of Christ, who came to save humanity,” he said.

Rt. Rev. Ofori said Easter was the time for Christians to rededicate their lives to Christ and aid others to become His followers. “If you study Jesus Christ’s activities on earth, He had a holy ministry, healing, teaching, and talked about management and work and we must emulate these examples,” he added. Do you agree with the Right reverend to disregard these LGBTQI issues since that’s not from God?

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