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What Happens To The Flock When The Shepherd Leaves Unexpectedly ?

Even though I am not a member of the synagogue church, my goal has always been to be where God is, to follow God and not the church. So I have dabbled a little bit in different churches even though I have a preferred church that I will always love to go to apart from the Roman church. Just like I have also done in the past, many people have used and still use the holy water from the synagogue church of all nations. The sticker and the holy water are the most common identification mark for anyone who has been associated with Prophet TB Joshua and the synagogue church of all nations. Many people from all walks of life have testified to the efficacy of the holy water and I must admit that personally the first time I used that holy water there was something different, something happened to me that was positive.

Several years ago I decided to go back to the basics, to develop my relationship with God, to get baptized again, and to truly connect with Jehovah in pure honesty and truth, to follow the principles of God to the latter. Strangely after I got baptized and started praying on my own and trying to remain connected to God, I was offered the holy water by a friend but the holy spirit told me not to use it and so I declined the offer.

What I have realized is that God is real, I do not know about fake men of God or pastors or churches but I know from experience that God is real and he does reward those who earnestly seek him with all their heart. I do not know how it will have been for people like David or maybe John the baptist of old if they had to get to God through a church or some pastor that they must owe allegiance to at all cost. The lesson that the death of prophet TB Joshua has thought the world is that it's better to hook on to God before church or allegiance to the church. Owing an allegiance to a church or a man of God is not a bad thing but it's a bad thing if you do not know the God that your man of God or church serves before you owe your man of God that allegiance. Let God lead

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