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7 Dangerous Dreams You Shouldn't Joke With. - They Demand Immediate Fasting And Prayers.

Dreams are very necessary in every human life. If you are a person who hardly dreams you should seek for spiritual assistance because it is believed that dreams are ways our soul communicates things happening in the spiritual realm to the body. Anytime you sleep your soul moves out of your body and go on a tour to the spirit world. If your soul sees a bad omen about to happen to you physically it then reveals them to you in the form of dreams. Thus failure to have dreams simply implies your soul is dead or is in bondage that it can't move freely.

Dreams come in three forms, namely; dreams that shows us what happened some time past that we were unaware, those that show to us what is currently going on in our lives and those that are about to happen to us being positive or negative. Aside these 3 forms dreams may also be formed based on how our subconscious mind think towards a person, something or a situation at hand. But in all these forms there are some particular dreams we shouldn't joke with. And I'll take you through these dreams and what they mean;.

Number 7. Seeing yourself or someone else in a coffin. When you see your own body or the body of another person in a dream it could mean two different thing. It could mean your destiny has been buried that no matter what you do you will never see success in life. It could also mean your death is being planned upon by your enemies.

Number 6. Making love or having sexual intercourse in a dream. A lot may interpret this dream to mean a spiritual marriage, but that is not always the case. It becomes spiritual marriage when after the dream your spirit go down or you see yourself ejaculate if you are a male or you see yourself destroyed if you are a female. This dream could also mean you are eager to have sex in real life and you've been thinking about it for sometimes now.

Number 5. Eating or drinking in a dream. If you dream eating or drinking anything in a dream either alone or with people you know or those you Dont know, Dont joke with it at all. It could mean demonic spirits are planting sickness into your body or you are being initiated unknowingly into witchcraft.

Number 4. Someone stealing from you in a dream. When you see a person stealing or snatching something from you in a dream being it money or anything at all, please Dont take it lightly. It means your enemies are hindering on your wealth and are taking away your riches.

Nber 3. Seeing yourself naked in a dream. When you see yourself standing or walking naked in a dream don't play with it. It could mean you lack spiritual protection that the devil can attack you anytime he wants. Seeing yourself walking naked in a dream could also mean shame on your life.

Number 2. Loosing a race or any form of competition in a dream. This dream simply means you will never make progress in life. Your peers will always be ahead of you in life. If you dream writing exams in an exam hall with your classmates and you find the questions difficult to solve in the dream while your colleagues are busily writing, this could also have the same meaning.

Number 1. Crying in a dream. This dream is very common even among grown ups. Anytime you see yourself cry in a dream what it means is either your soul is not happy because it is in bondage or your soul is trying to tell you there is a bad news on the way.

Please don't joke with any of the above mentioned dreams since it is a way God is communicating something important or serious to you that you need to act fast. Declare for yourself intensive fasting and prayers anytime you have any of such dreams.

Kindly share to your loved ones to also help them. And Dont forget to follow and like my page for more.

Leave at the comments section any dream you think should be taken serious aside those mentioned in the article.

Content created and supplied by: K.TeeDeWriter (via Opera News )


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