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3 Powerful Praying Positions In The Bible That Get Quick Answers From God

Christians can hardly believe that insignificant or petty things affect the kingdom of God. Little foxes pamper the vine. The water droplets naturally create strong oceans from time to time. In other words, the things we don't pay attention to can be far more important than we think. Your current position is very important when you pray. Extensive Bible study shows that prayers are prayed with answers in God's Word in certain places. Although the position may have been reached by people who are not consciously praying.

However, if you find it without the number released, there's more to it than we know.

The prayer positions you will find in this article have been observed in the lives of people who desperately need answers to their prayers. For example, Hezekiah's prayer when he was told he was going to die; prayer Daniel when it was decided never to pray to god and the last prayer of Jesus when he was going to be killed.

Let's start with Hezekiah's prayer position ... God sent the prophet Isaiah to reveal a sad message to him. When she heard that she was going to die in 2 Samuel 20: 1–5 kjv; He turned to the wall and prayed.

I have never seen an answer to prayer this fast. Before the prophet who came to carry the message left the palace when he was about to leave King Hezekiah, God sent him back to bring him the good news - God answered his prayer.

In fact, we have heard testimonies of Christians who received answers to their prayers by turning a wall when they prayed like Hezekiah. Don't say that everything is wrong or not real. If his position in prayer was not important, the Holy Spirit - the wisest teacher of all time - would not persuade the writer to mention it in the Bible.

Second, when Jesus realized that he was going to be killed. He went to Gethsemane and prayed

not like before. If you read Luke 22:41 you will find that he was on his knees. However, when he was about to be extradited to be killed, he fell to the ground and prayed.

Of course, he was in a sad mood, which definitely confirmed this position. Can I tell you that? . . If Jesus didn't accept God's will in this prayer situation, would the cup pass through?

The reason his prayer was not answered was because he said that his will to die had to be carried out.

Finally, Daniel knew in Daniel 6:10 The King James Version when the king decided that no one should pray to god for 30 days, that this was the highest commandment because he could not pray without God's day. He prays three times a day. So he couldn't comply with that decision. Then, according to the Bible, he went to his room and knelt down, but first he opened the window and got up.

Jerusalem. If you look closely, you will find that the position of your knees is not as important as the view of Jerusalem. How do I know?

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