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Use Momodica Fotidae And Taameawu Leaves To Break Spiritual Marriage

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Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plant I gave you everything. (Genesis 9:3) God has given us everything including leaves as medicine if you study the scripture stated above carefully.

Some people are very sick in the spirit which all what they need is herbs that can heal their sickness for them. How can someone be having and affair with a strange person whom you have not set your eyes on before. If you have a spiritual problem or you want someone to fall in love for you, or you want something from someone, let have a talk on zero two four eight six nine six zero three nine, so that everything will be fine .

In this article, we have two powerful leaves and when you combine it together, the results will be amazing and these leaves are Momodica Fotidae (Nyanya) and Taameawu.

Nyanya is very popular in West Africa especially Ghana and it has a positive energy . Nyanya can be used as medicinal purpose and it also good for our health. This leave has a positive energy and it controls any negative activities under the sun.

Have you notice why Kings and queens always use it when they are going to any organizations? Is because of its positive energy and it drives away any evil forces from their way. If they put it on their neck, it means if you have any negative intentions about them it will surely come back to you. So this plant is very powerful.

Taameawu is the queen of all leaves, and it has a positive energy, Taameawu can control any Spiritual activities and because of that, we normally call it Miracle Leaves. You can use it to archive whatever you want in life and demons are also afraid of it. This is why we don't plug it just like that but you need to put some money there before you plug it.Spiritual Marriage can make your life become miserable, because it can delay your progress and it will make your life become stagnant.

Things needed.

You must get a new rubber bucket , a new pale, a new sponge, a new white towel, three different types of scented soap with alata soap, garlic, Nyanya and Taameawu leaves.

How To Do It.

Put the Nyanya , garlic and the Taameawu leaves together in a mortal, pound it for it to become soft , cut your soap into pieces and add your alata soap to it , just add your pounded leaves together and miss it for it to become a soap in the pale.

How To Use It .

Just take your soap to the bathroom say your wish on a coin and put it into your water , just use your new sponge to bath with the soap by commanding any evil forces to flee from your life, then just take your new towel to wipe yourself after you have finish bathing. Take the coin and hide use it for the next day.


Please this rituals supposed to be done in seven days and if you are in your menstruation period , don't use it till you will finish your menstruation. And If you are a man , you suppose to sanctified yourself by not having an affair with any woman, the same thing applies to women.

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