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Victory over witchcraft manipulation and spiritual programming

As above so below and as in the esoteric dimension of spiritual wickedness so is the manipulation intensity of witchcraft coven. Many people have been rendered hopeless , pulled back irrespective of their hard work undertakings from all walks of life. Witchcraft is merciless and does not pity your plea of guilty but to ensure that you are totally emptied in life with total disgrace , shame, abject poverty and setbacks of life.

That is why you should not be idle and lazy when it comes to spiritual matters . Many people have been lazy in dealing with spiritual matters and today they are wallowing in shame, strange diseases, disgrace and poverty . Don't be a victim to this demonic programming whether it's an ancestral curses or whatsoever. Today I'm going to show you a very simple remedy but of heavy spiritual missiles to the camp of witchcraft plots against your star and destiny.

Ingredients :

3 limes

Night urine

Sea salt .

With this Ingredients, you are going to unlock , unblock and Spiritually purify yourself from any spiritual vibration attacks crafts hard luck and bad luck.

Purification and unblocking.  For everythingunblock spiritually in your life, collect all your urine all night long in a container and add the juice of 03 limes + a handful of salt + a little water.  Very early in the morning, wash yourself without soap or sponge from head to toe without going back.  If you have any questions WhatsApp 05 07 5 10 878 and you will be answered on this matter . Follow me, share as I bring you more powerful spiritual secrets . Don't forget to comment. Please God bless you will be totally purified and freed.

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