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One Thing That Is Killing A Lot Of Christians Today. You Should Avoid It At All Cost.

Did you know that "Comparison" is killing a of Christians? In today' s article, you will discover how dangerous it is and why you need to avoid it at all cost.

Before I start, the comparison I am talking about today is not a healthy comparison that pushes you and helps you to do better. That is a whole different type of comparison. The comparison I am talking about is the negative type. The type that makes you not thankful to God for the things that God has done for you in your life. The type of comparison that makes you covet other people' s lives and belongings. One of the biggest stealers of people' s joy is comparison. Research shows that this attitude brings a lot of frustrations that leads to early death.

The word of advice today is to stop comparing your life to others. Just because your friend got married at age 23, doesn’t mean your life is a mess. You could find your partner at age 38 or even 40. People’s breakthroughs come at different times. Just because your mate’s business started flourishing at 20 years doesn’t mean you have to compare yourself to him or her.

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