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Gari With Milo: They Have Been Lying To Us All This While. It Doesn’t Do Any Of These Things.

Over the years, there has been a smear campaign created with the sole purpose of tagging gari as the food of the poor. However, after my foray into the world of garri delicacies these last few months, I can confidently look the people who started this campaign in the eye and say, “if you think gari is a meal for the poor then you are very mistaken.”

Believe it or not, garri is amazing. It is the food of the gods. It is ambrosia brought down to mortals by someone who somehow made their way into Olympus and made away with the recipe. Someone who is probably now being eternally punished for it.

If you have had the chance to attend Senior High or Secondary School, you will definitely know how much of a lifesaver gari can be. On the contrary, there are quite a lot of stereotypes and myths about a particular combination when it comes to gari consumption. The combination is no other that a mixture of garri and milo.

To begin, I know we all have definitely heard that eating a mixture of gari with milo is detrimental to one’s eyesight. How true is this? Well, there is no scientific evidence to back this claim. No eyesight problem has been link to the consumption of this mixture. It turns out that what we’ve told or made to believe all this while has been a lie all along.

Aside that, most people, especially parents, are of the view that consuming a mixture of gari and milo dries up blood. Whatever drying up blood is, only the attributers can explain it fully. However, there is no scientific prove or scientific basis that eating gari with milo will dry up your blood.

Eating gari with milo is a normal meal just as any other meal. If you are a fan of gari with milo, there’s is no need of letting your love for this meal to die out. However, though there are no scientific evidence, too much of everything is bad. Thanks for reading. Kindly share with family and friends.

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