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Will those who do not Tithe end up in Heaven or Hell?

Tithing is a 10% of any money you get. It does not necessarily limit itself to salary but to every money that we earn. In a heavenly encounter with Jesus Christ, Pastor Choo Thomas received a very important revelation on the concept of tithing.

Whilst walking with Jesus in the perfect heavenly environment, Jesus said unto her that those who do not Tithe are disobedient children. This message was quite heavy for her since some people believe Tithing is present whilst others think it's a thing of the past.

When she therefore asked Jesus if she had to proclaim this to everybody, Jesus said Yes I want you to tell everyone. It is very important for this message to be put across because no filthy thing will be able to enter the glorious city of heaven; and disobedient children are in the category of the filthy.

Jesus then went on to throw more light onto the issue of Tithing. He explained the pros and cons of it in toto. He said Many Christians are poor and have many problems in their lives because their hearts are not right with me and they do not Tithe. Two important points observed here teaches that even when your heart is righteous and you do not Tithe, it is likely you may not be financially sound.

Jesus went with his elaboration Any christian who does not Tithe will not be blessed because they love money more than My Word and such people will never see my Kingdom. This issue seemed to grieve the Lord's heart because even though he really wanted to give money to His children, their not tithing was a blockade unto the blessings Jesus wanted to bestow upon them.

He further elaborated that he ought to be the first in our lives for His plans to manifest. If anyone comes to me with an open heart and tries to live with my words, they will be blessed right away. They will have continuous Joy and Peace. Whosoever loves me and wants me to bless them must have their hearts right toward me and put me first in everything, in addition to having a kind heart toward others.

Now i ask you: Have you read or heard of any revelation that said someone was in Hell because he paid Tithe? God keeps on warning and reminding you, please give heed: Those who do not give Tithe will not escape Hell. Tithe is a command and non-Tithers are cursed.

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