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The Final Message Of The Lord To The World

It was revealed to me today in a form of a dream. Where I saw the sun disappeared from the sky as I saw a great light shining on the world where no one was able to look into the sky.

As the Light approaches the Earth, a lot of people were crying as to whether the world has come to and end. At that moment everything seized, moving cars stopped all awaiting for the presence of Christ.

There I saw Jesus coming from the great Light and his message was to tell us to repent from our sins 'cause He has sent many apostle to tell us to repent from our sins but yet we seems not to listen to them. 

That's why He has come to warn us for the last time to repent 'cause He will be coming sooner than we expected. He continued saying we shouldn't think that it will be long before He comes again, 'cause every signs that He told us we will see when the world is coming to an end has already started.

My brothers and sisters let listen to the final message from the Lord and repent from our sins because the end of the world is near. Jesus Loves us that's why He is here telling us to change from our ways 'cause Hell is real and it's not a comfortable place to be. Let's make sure we shall be part the people who will rejoice in Paradise 'cause the Bible tells us that "many are called but few are chosen".


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