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Attend Your Own Funeral Before You Die

Shakespeare has indicated, 'There is no art to find the mind's construction on the face'. What this means is that you cannot tell what is in man's head. In other words, smiles or frowns may have no bearing on what is in the mind. As a result, the man laughing and looking at you may not necessarily be laughing with you but may rather be laughing at you. That individual smiling and looking your way may not necessarily be doing that because of you but for motives other than what you think.

An Akan proverb surmises, 'It is only in death that one can fully know the length of a frog.' The wisdom here is that it is only after death that people will get to know who you truly are based on the testimony of others. Unfortunately whether or not what they say will be a true representation of your person, you wouldn't be there to defend yourself because as they say 'Dead men don't talk.'

In view of this, it is important that you attend your own funeral while you are alive to know what will transpire when you expire. Get to know what people think about you now. Get to know what they like and dislike about you. Get to know how much your abscence will mean to them. Get to know how they will feel when you fall today. Equally important is to make it a habit to attend funerals to hear about others' stories and even more important is the need to live without blemish.

The death of two prominent personalities in recent times has taught me to attend my funeral before I die since I cannot tell what will happen when I am gone. The death of Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings broke many hearts and broke them on two fronts: the fact that he will be missed and the fact that suddenly a boy surfaced as being the son of the late president. Many appeared disappointed but whether it be true or false, he just can't be here to tell his side of the story.

The death of T.B. Joshua is another that has sparked rumours upon rumours. A man who openly exhibited love to the needy and the poor, a man who many trooped to his church for prayers and miracles has many people now pointing fingers at him as occultic. His situation is particularly unique because he knew people's perception about him but I doubt he ever imagined the level of it's intensity now.

If your spirit must rest in peace after death then make sure you attend your own funeral before you die.

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