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You are a huge part of your angels' lives, learn how to connect with them

Angels are always present in your life, whether you are aware of it or not. Guardian angels, archangels, and helper angels are all there to guide and assist you.

While angels love you unconditionally and are completely dedicated to you, they can provide you with much more guidance and assistance if you exercise your free will and ask. Because humans, like angels, are powerful spiritual beings.

Angels will always protect you, but when you invite them into your life on a larger scale through your free will, they can help you more frequently and dramatically.

The best way to use your free will to create more dynamic relationships with your angels is to bond with them, just as you would bond with a friend, family member, or coworker to strengthen and deepen your relationship. By forming a bond with an angel, you are letting them know you are aware of their influence in your life, appreciate their assistance, and desire more of their support in the form of love, healing, guidance, and assistance.

And remember, just like with your best friend, bonding with angels can be simple and really fun. The following are how to bond with Angels:

1. Include Angels in Your Prayers

Begin your prayer with the words "Dear angels" to establish a connection with your angels. You can make the prayer more special by using the name of the angel if you want to address a particular angel, such as one of your guardian angels or an archangel. No one in the world of Spirit, including ascended masters, spirit guides, departed loved ones, or Spirit itself, is prevented from assisting you if you direct a prayer to your angels.

Every prayer is heard by Spirit, and it will send the best agent(s) to assist you. However, you can be sure that angels will be assisting you if you pray to angels or mention them in your prayers.

2. Create an Angel Altar in Your Home

You may already have a home altar, which is a room, apartment, or space set aside for the Spirit. You can use your altar to pray, hold rituals and ceremonies there, or just use it as a gentle reminder of the Divine. If you have the room, you can either make a separate angel altar or simply add a few angelic components to your existing home altar.

Angel altars help in the bonding process because having a visual reminder of angels in your home keeps angels on your mind. My "crystal garden" (a collection of large crystals and small candles) on my kitchen table is only 15 inches by 8 inches, and your angel altar can be a similar size, or even smaller.

3. Get in Touch with Your Intuition

One of your angels' favorite ways to communicate with you is through your intuition, or sixth sense. Why? Because it is so straightforward. There is a third party involved when angels send you messages through friends and family or through synchronicities (such as seeing the same book or person everywhere).

However, when angels communicate with you through your intuition, such as when you have a thought that inspires you, a gut feeling, a sudden understanding of a complicated situation, pictures appear in your mind's eye, you have prophetic dreams, or words begin to form in your head or inner ear, the information is coming directly from an angel to you and is a very private conversation.

This is a thrilling way to bond with angels because the intuitive guidance an angel provides is always intended to help you live your full potential.

When you bond with your angels, you will not only receive more divine guidance and intercession, but you will also feel more safe, love, and courage.

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