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5 Good Reasons Why Every Man Should Grow a Beard.

Despite the fact that beards frequently occur in religious literature, God never makes it clear why they are so revered. Several theologians have asserted that a hairy face is a mark of masculinity given upon males by God even though there is no theological explanation for this. The beard also represents God's merciful and compassionate nature as a deity. By developing a beard, one can access this spiritual force and invoke divine forgiveness for themselves.


The development of a beard may be a source of pride, self-assurance, and a means of standing out from the crowd. It is considered by many to be a sign of maturity and wisdom as well as proper grooming and a rite of passage. Why, therefore, should every man grow a beard?


First, the healthiest reason is that growing a beard can protect against skin irritation, excessive oils, and certain types of infections. According to dermatologist Dr. Julia Tzu, beards offer protection from the sun and wind, and reduce the risk of skin cancer. The protective hairs trap dirt and bacteria, keeping skin clean and clear. Furthermore, as a result of the protection offered by a full beard, it can help to reduce inflammation, psoriasis, and rosacea, as well as helping to regulate the oil production in the face, thus reducing acne.


Second, growing a beard can make a man look more attractive. Beards are often associated with maturity, which can often make men seem more attractive and desirable to romantic partners. Also, the different styles of beards can dramatically change somebody’s look, which is great if you are tired of your current look, yet don’t want to go through the hassle of getting a haircut.


Third, growing a Beard can make someone look older. Having a full beard can be a great disguise if you need to look older for any purpose, whether it be a job application or simply wanting to look better when you go out with friends.


Fourth, beards are also known for their many environmental benefits. The simple act of growing a full beard can help to conserve water. For example, men with clean-shaven faces may shave up to five times a week, whereas men with beards only need to shave every couple of weeks. This reduced usage of water, combined with reduced water usage from washing away results in accumulated savings that can make a significant difference when it comes to conserving the environment.


Fifth, growing a full beard can be a great way to make a statement of masculinity. Beards can easily set apart the “manly” men from the boys. Whether you want to demonstrate strength and power or simply choose to stand out in a crowd, growing a full beard is sure to help create a statement that says louder than words.


In conclusion, developing a beard provides several advantages, both practical and aesthetic. It may be a terrific way to make a statement and even contribute to the environment, in addition to being an efficient way to age your face. All males are strongly encouraged to try growing a beard for the aforementioned causes.


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