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How to Grow Spiritually

Followers of Christ grow in spiritual maturity when they are planted and nurtured on good soil, just as a seed grows when it is planted and watered.

Jesus describes a hypothetical incident of a farmer planting seeds in the Bible. Only the seeds that fall on good soil grow into healthy plants. Some seeds fall on the path, some on rocky places, some on thorns, and some on good soil (Matthew 13:3-8). This is how Jesus explains the story's meaning: The one who hears and understands God's Word is the one who grows in faith (v. 23).

The Christian life is an ever-evolving connection with God. To mature spiritually (that is, to develop spiritually) is to Look more and more like Jesus, the person God created you to be. What does it mean to spiritually develop? Join us as we investigate the solution to this question.

What Is Spiritual Development?

Spiritual growth is the process of learning more about God and becoming the person He intended for you to be.

"Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ," Peter, one of Jesus' closest disciples throughout His earthly ministry, encourages us (2 Peter 3:18, New International Version).

Here are some items that will aid your spiritual development.

1. Accept Jesus Christ as our personal Savior and Lord.

We will never be able to grow spiritually until we first acknowledge that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Lord, and then choose to follow Him and put Him first in our life. We must accept His forgiveness and love, as well as recognize His authority in our lives. As we endeavor to know Him better, learning to "abide in Him" and stay in His Presence every day will lead us to deeper spiritual growth. The remainder would appear unachievable without these first steps in place.

2. Pray

In His word, God emphasizes the significance of praying, talking to Him, and spending time in His presence. Jesus spent hours praying and presenting Himself to His Father. He encourages us to pray constantly and to cultivate a spirit of constant communion with God. And if it was vital to Jesus, it is critical to our own spiritual development. God wants us to be friends. He longs for us to communicate with Him and to hear His voice.

3. Read the Bible

Read it, ponder it, study it, learn from it, write it down, say it out, teach it to your children, and pray God's words back to Him... This is an absolute requirement for spiritual development. We require His help.Every day, His Word is alive and breathing through us. It is our life's guidance, alive and well, powerful and truthful, and our only offensive weapon against the enemy. The Word is Jesus. And we will never truly comprehend our Lord unless we know what is contained within these lovely, wonderful pages.

4. Praise and Worship Him

Worshipping and praising our King is a tremendous tool for fending off the forces of darkness and strengthening our own faith. It will boost our spirits and open the door for God to do incredible things when we choose to give Him the glory due to His name, even if it feels more like a sacrifice to offer praise. The is something that Scripture repeatedly reminds me of. Maybe we're in agony or carrying a lot of weight, yet God hears, knows, and understands. He reminds us that His Presence is close to us as He consoles the brokenhearted and stitches up their wounds. He will never abandon you. Every day, we must make the decision to elevate our hands and voices to our Mighty Savior and Lord.

5. Helping Others

Serving and giving to God and people around us allows us to see beyond ourselves and recognize God's greatness in the world. We were never designed to go through life alone. He wants us to use the gifts, abilities, and blessings He's given us to help others and bring Him honor through our life. In His word, God reminds us that it is actually "more blessed to give than to receive...", and Jesus' life and servanthood is our ultimate model to follow.

6. Take a spiritual walk

Walking in the Spirit requires saying no to the body and yes to God. It's the willingness to put God in control of our lives and choose to deny our fleshly nature. And it isn't always simple. In fact, it can be really difficult on a daily basis. Temptation and dread will be brought by the adversary. He will do all in his power to persuade us not to live truly for God. However, once we make the decision in our hearts to walk in God's ways and ask for the filling of His Spirit in our lives, He is faithful to replenish our strength. He is powerful within us. We never travel alone; God provides us with the tools we need to learn to walk in the fruits of His Spirit, which will transform our lives for more purpose and blessing.

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