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Husband and wife relationship

'I said I won't cry today Akosua' - Father tearfully hands over his daughter's hand in marriage

The Zion auditorium was filled with love and happiness when the 65-year-old pensioner, Samuel Ampah, walked into the church dangling and dazzling in calm in his beautiful Akuapim made Kente. Nobody needed to translate the cloth's name 'Agya Pa (Good Father)', as it was seen boldly on the lower tip of the cloth. Agya Ampah walked side by side with his daughter; the bride to the altar, where her husband-to-be was standing.

Benjamin Kwadey the husband-to-be, kept gazing at his wife-to-be, as the woman carefully held onto her father's hand before greeting the sympathizers with her immense beauty. Akosua as some of the congregants shouted, could be seen hiding her tearful eyes as the father reached the podium to hand her to the husband.

It wasn't a normal sacrifice for a father to take care of his child until adolescence in other to hand her to her husband, so the crowd kept raising good names to the father, Agya Ampah as he stood in front of the podium with his back facing the congregants. Shouts from the front of the congregants kept pouring in as Agya Ampah broke down before handing his daughter over to the husband-to-be.

I said I won't cry today Akosua, I said I won't, as tears started flowing from the eyes of the heavily happy Agya Ampah. Your joy has broken my heart, I am a proud father now. I couldn't ask for more than this beautiful gesture you have bestowed on me. May God keep you safe and happy in marriage until old age comes for you. May peace be on you my daughter, I am so happy for you as the elderly man wept before handing his daughter over to the husband-to-be.

Benjamin the husband-to-be, smiled at his wife as the officiating preacher asked for the marriage vows to be said. The crowd could not allow the newly married couples to rest as they kept shouting, 'dondoooo' signifying a new day of life for the two. The officiating priests gathered around the new couple and castigated a heavenly prayer for the couple as they knelt to receive the blessings of heaven.

Any demonic power that will rise against this newly married couple, we bless that demon with the hell of fire, the thunder of heaven and the lighting of Jerusalem. Nothing shall stop these couples from enjoying their marriage. Troubles will never set foot in their marriage, happiness shall reside in their marriage because it is the will of the God of Abraham, to see these two together, as the officiating priest Rev Amoabeng ended his thirteen minutes of prayers.

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