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Are You Praying A Lot. This Is Why It Is Not Answered.

There is no denying the fact that most prayers are not answered. As a result, most people are frustrated in the Lord Jesus Christ. This are some reasons why your prayers are not answered.

Most a times, people or christians are praying with wrong formulae and at wrong place. Most people pray with wrong formulae in such a way that they pray not to thank God for what he has done but always asking for more. Also, most people pray at wrong places with wrong posture for prayers.

Another thing why most people's prayers are not answered is that, they have to pay for a sin they have committed long ago. Most people have committed serious sins against God and they have to pay for it through suffering. As a result, their prayers are not answered. There is a saying that the sins people commit lives after them so, the sin people have committed will live after them and they will pay for it .

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