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Dear Catholics, If Anyone Accuses You Of Worshipping Idol, Show Them These Bible Passages Below

For years, Catholics have been accused of idolatry. This is because in the building of the Catholic Church there is often a statue of the Virgin Mary and other saints in the temple room, where the majority kneel at the request.


Those who today do not adhere to this doctrine often see it as idolatry.

However, this bulletin can provide more information about why Catholics often pray to Mary and idols.

Do Catholics sincerely respect Mary?


In John chapters 2 v 1- 11

Jesus and Mary are present at the wedding in Cana, and until the wine runs out, Mary tells Jesus.

But Jesus replied, "Woman, my time is not yet here, don't tell me what to do."


Maria then counseled the servants to do what Jesus asked them to do. A long storyline, Jesus grows into water and wine and this is the first recorded miracle

(The word that he did not intend to deliver the wine to the couple convinces Mary's intervention.)

This is the sole purpose of Catholics to worship Mary. They asked her to seek help from their son, just as she convinced him to marry.


If you ever wanted something so bad, asked your dad and he scolded you, then you must have passed your mother and then dad must have miraculously conveyed your request. This is the role of Our Lady in the Bible.

Do Catholics worship idols?

Below is a bible verse where God uses an image as a reference factor

In number; 21: 4-9

4. But so much so that the people became so impatient 5 that they complained to God and said to Moses, “Did you take us out of Egypt just to let us die in the wilderness? There is no water here and we will not stand this terrible food! ""

6 The LORD sent poisonous snakes, and they bit and killed many of them.

7 Some people went to Moses and confessed, "It is wrong for people to offend you and the Lord. Now ask him to make the snakes go away."

Moses prayed, 8 and the Lord replied, "Make a snake out of bronze and put it on a stake. Anyone who is bitten can see the snake and it will not die."

9 And Moses obeyed God. And everyone who examined the bronze snake was alive even though they were bitten by a poisonous snake.

Would you now say that the snake had become an idol? .

The snake serves as a guide that anyone who believes in it must face the snake and be healed.

Its function is to remind us of the suffering of Jesus. Like a picture that makes it easy for us not to forget our mother by looking for her photo, this is the same way as the statue of Jesus in the hallway and helps others remember her.

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