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"I Would Deal With Anyone Who Tries To Preach To Me, I Have Chosen My Way"- Lady Warns

When someone is seen as challenging another's religious values, certain individuals become angered, while others become respectful of them and peaceful. If you wish to help those with sensitive issues like religion, you must take care to ensure you are not to avoid offending others.

Anita, who is an expert on linguistics, has cautioned the religious fanatics to stay away from her inbox so-called linguistic oppression and preach about hers instead. This has led her to believe that anyone who want to speak to her about her faith or way of life would be taken down by the tone police, and everything said in a convincing manner would be denounced as "forcing." Nadia went on to say that she has devoted her life and her whole being to her family and her ancestors.

I must say, she has made up her mind about her faith and I advise her not to be disturbed by anything I say. They might want to maintain their particular conviction regardless, and want to see how different ways lead to the same goal, as there are several ways to achieve the same result. This kind of person can be shown the way, as well as lead, if they want to be.

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