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Defining your life and giving meaning to it

What is the meaning of your life right now?

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Many times, it isn’t the difficulty we are experiencing that truly matters, but the meaning we are able to give whatever it is we are going through. So allow me to take you through some of the meaning of life.

What is the meaning of your life right now? If you are hurting, what meaning could you possibly give to your suffering? If you joyful, what meaning have you found in your happiness?

It could be that you’ve lost someone you really loved, and this grief is saying that the meaning of your life right now is called letting go.

It could be that you’ve been hurt by someone who was supposed to protect you, love and be your shield, and thus meaning of your present days could be one of forgiveness.

Maybe you are pursuing a dream, but it fulfillment seem so far away and the only word you could hold on to right now is perseverance.

It could be that you’ve tried to solve every problem but every path still seems to be blocked. If so, the meaning of your life at that moment could be called hope.

It could be that you are facing problems that seem bigger than everything you are capable of and for the first time, you are been led out of your comfort zone. If so, the meaning of your life could be one of adventure or of building greater strength.

Again it could be that you’ve spend your whole life trying to build something, but in one moment a catastrophe happens and destroy everything you’ve ever build. This time, the meaning could be called starting over.

Things may not always be the way has come or you’ve always wanted then to be but every experience could teach us something and could lead us into a better place as far as better time. What is the meaning of your life right now? Could it be reflection? Could it be change? In spite of everything else, may it be the wisdom, and may it always be with faith.

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