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Coronavirus: Pastor Resorts to Hawking Boiled Eggs; Times are Hard he Says.

The clergy is a profession which though very rewarding spiritually, can be a mixed bag in terms of actual financial rewards. The covid-19 pandemic has hit hard on many aspects of life, and the clergy has not been exempted.

Bans in many countries on public gatherings, church services included has meant many churches are no longer able to have physical services, and are having to resort to online recorded and live sessions.

These bans are taking a toll on the finances of many churches since most members are either unable or no more willing to pay their offerings and tithes. This apathy as gauged from comments sampled across social media, points largely to the widely held perception that many churches have abandoned their members at a time they need them most.

It hasn't helped either that some prominent men of God were captured on social media videos downplaying the Church’s responsibility to its members.

For one Kenyan Pastor, and a father of six, Peter Musyoka, life has become a daily struggle because as he admits, most of his needs were met from a portion of the offerings and tithes. He lamented the fact that though he had resorted to digital services for his congregation, no one was sending through any offerings.

Mr. Musyoka who is 38, years old says he has been a preacher with the New Apostolic Church for 13 years, but has now had to resort to the hawking of boiled eggs on the streets to make ends meet.

He said he would be pleased if the Kenyan government would consider lifting the restrictions, and has been joined by other clergymen in the plea to the Kenyan government.

It would seem that the problems faced by the clergy mirror throughout the world, as there have been similar calls by some Ghanaian pastors in recent weeks. The issue at hand is indeed a sensitive one, as some church faithful believe some churches have not done enough to aid their members during the pandemic.

There have been many other churches however which have been exemplary in assisting needy and vulnerable members of the society during these times, and others that have helped in various other important ways.

We can only hope that the situation alleviates soon so livelihoods can return to normal.

Content created and supplied by: EuniceOdumBoateng (via Opera News )

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