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Please We Know You Are Just Joking With Ghanaians - Reactions After Nana Agraada Openly Burns Idols

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Evangelist Patricia who's the formerly self styled fetish priest Nana Agraada today took out all her spiritual gods from it's shrine and burnt it openly in public just as she promised. 

She revealed that she has snubbed her gods and have converted into Christianity having the name title as an Evangelist. 

Her act has brought out charged comments and reactions from Ghanaians making various claims and assertions from what she did.

She brought out everything on the streets in front of her house in the heart of Accra. 

Ghanaians believe though she has done the needful but that's hasn't justify the fact that she's still the old personality but in a newly branded form. 

"Please please stop deceiving us we know what you are doing is not true". "You are just running from the long arms of the law". "If indeed you've truly repented then let pay all you have defrauded respectively, with that we will consider your claim"

The above are few comments made by Ghanaians on the burning if her idols. 

Below are some collection of comments from Facebook in relation to her act.

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