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This Is What You Need To Know About Sex And Sexuality

There is an original design of God for sex and sexuality which He wants us to be aware of; it is not an issue to be raised only when people have to talk of sexual sins. 

God created things for different purposes and there is nothing bad in those things which God has created. These things in themselves are clean but something in people make those things unclean. (1 Tim. 4:3-4)

Christ is God made manifest in the flesh and this is why Jesus lived in the flesh, showing God in His daily life and what He had become at Jordan was pleasing to God. (Matt. 3:17, Luke 2:40, 52)

Christ has to grow in us and to develop in our spirit. This will make us grow in the realm of wisdom and wax strong in the Spirit.

Everything Jesus became in adulthood He grew with them from childhood. There is a way God ordains that we should grow to be a total man which should dissipate into our spirit, soul and body. 

We will dwell in this body for the space of our sojourn on the earth with others and the calibration of our growth will be how we manage our lives even in the body.

It is true that what defines a man is not what comes into a man but what proceeds from within. But what comes from within will also have effect on the body of the person from whom they proceeded. 

Whatever God will do with us will proceed from our inward but will affect our whole entity. This is why God wants us to present our bodies/vessels - spirit, soul and body - unto God as a living sacrifice.

Our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. (1 Cor. 6:19-20) Most people do not pay attention to how God wants us to conduct ourselves in relation to our bodies and this is important.

Most of the time, we do not care about things that are important like taking care of our bodies. Many people care more about their professions and careers than they care about their bodies.

Many were not taught from childhood how to be a good person; rather, it is how to attain to something in life that children are taught about. Sex and sexuality are usually not taught normally as a part of life but mostly now, out of fear. 

We need wisdom and understanding when it comes to the matter of sex and sexuality. Anointing cannot handle this terrain but the power of the Spirit that comes vis understanding. (Pro. 6:32)

The focus of the teaching on sex and sexuality is to raise men and women God actually created us to be. Jesus never struggled with sexual sin because He knew about it and had the understanding that kept Him pure. 

To ignore your sexuality is to ignore who you are. We are Christ in our spirit but we are indwelling a body which is either a male or female. (Gen. 1:27, 5:1-2)

Male and female is an issue of creation; but in the marital estate, they exist as man and woman. (Gen 2:21-24)

The rib of man taken to form a woman is a side of the man taken to make a woman that will fit into him. A female is complete without marriage.

Your own wife should be under you; not all women should be under you. In creation everyone stands as male and female; equal in creation. It is only in marriage the woman devolves under the man.

The feminine is not inferior in her creation neither is the man superior in his creation. The man is only the head in the domestic estate expressed in marriage. The man is not the head of every woman but only of his wife.

When you are born again, God wants to take us through the process of righteousness that will tamper with the way we have been raised differently from how God wanted us to be raised.

A child can be developed spirit, soul and body to become a total man in life. A child needs to learn the wisdom of how life should be lived in addition to learning spiritual things. 

No gender is better than the other; this is why the Holy Spirit makes no difference in coming upon the disciples; though male dominance seems to be more pronounced in the Jewish culture. 

Because of the patriarchal nature of the Jews, if God had sent a woman as the Messiah, they would not have received her. But from the Day of Pentecost, God began to give the sexes their true definitions.

The woman is not like the man; neither is the man like the woman. There is no point for gender clash or competition like the feminists push for. Creation has a purpose in view when men and women were created the way they are.

What feminists are pushing is not in the purpose of God. A man cannot carry a baby like a woman is designed to; not even when it is surgically achieved.

Marriage is just one thing that men and women can do together. That a woman is not married does not make her a failure. 

Marriage is not what makes those involved in it successful; it is the people in marriage who define what the marriage would be. Life is designed beyond marriage. 

The woman had always been there; God only formed her to fit into the life of Adam. Formation is shaping for the purpose of fitting into. There is a way Adam and Eve had been living before marriage came in view.

It is the fallen nature that makes a man see a woman in the light of which he was not supposed to see her if she was not his wife.

A woman's anatomy, physiology, biochemistry is all designed to make her what she is. That a man alters himself to become feminine will still not make her a woman. The things that make a woman what she is are more than her physical frame.

What God designed to make a man and a woman is more than what meets the eye. That you look like your father does not make you like him. 

Inheritance from your parents can make you pick some traits from either of your parents; but a male is a male and a female is distinctly a female. 

In a healthy world, cross-gender or transgender does not exist; it is a fraud. God has a purpose for each gender and his aesthetic value is so high. 

Genders are not primarily designed for sexual matters. It is for the world of complement. A world of all men or all women would be an anomaly. Most of us try to be our best because of those who look at us; and mostly, it is the opposite sex.

The genders are designed to make human life beautiful. There is an energy in us that has to be unleashed. It can either be unleashed in appreciation or taking advantage of the opposite sex. When you truly appreciate someone, you would not want to hurt them. 

Jesus is a compassionate Being; He was compassionate when He saw the widow of Nain's loss. Today, parents raise their male children not to cry; that is an anomaly as they would grow up to become callous.

God does not want us to define the genders from their marital statuses. All we knew about women in the first few chapters of the Bible is women begetting. This is not God's design.

Nobody can rightly define the world of a woman outside God's revelation of who she really is. It is unthinkable to think that all a woman is created for is sex. Many religions even claim that a woman has the half brain of a man.  

For a man to be married to a woman and be truly satisfied without other standards is very uncommon. Many men are just managing to get by with their wives because they are not truly satisfied.

Any model man who has grown well should be able to take on the office of a bishop because it is an expression of faith - a good work.

The heart of a would-be Bishop must really be on his wife - husband of one wife; not just having one wife but having his heart on his wife! Many can have one wife but their hearts will still be on many.

God wants children to be raised with a focus of what they should become in God. A man should be grave and sober - live with purpose and have a reason for everything he does! (1 Tim. 3:1-2)

In God's design for a male man, he must be focused and be someone who is able to stay with his words without changing because a man is his words.

Christ is God in the flesh and He developed character and values. He was a man of weight; He did not just carry Spirit alone. He had grown to value words. He was His word and He grew that way.

As a man, you must know that your life is not food. You must not be greedy with food. You must be given to hospitality and you learn to communicate and speak out. 

When you talk, you must follow your words to see it do what you had in mind for it to be done. This is a value of life the Holy Ghost must open your eyes to from childhood. 

Largely today, in the church world, many are forbidden to take wine because they lack self-control and they can be taken over by wine. But a man who has grown must be able to bridle his tongue and be disciplined! (1 Tim. 3:3)

A male is supposed to develop to become a man! A man must not be given to filthy lucre. What many think a man is his money. Many unwise women also take a man to be one because of how much money he has. This is a distorted perspective and judgment. 

When a woman only values her husband in terms of the money he has, the man will go to any length to get money to please the wife; this is despicable. 

What gives you stature in life is not what you have in your pocket but values. A man who manages his house well has managed other houses well. When you live with people, you are learning how to manage a house well.

We must grow children who pay attention to details. Responsibility includes a sense of thinking ahead and having a sense of foresight.

The Holy Ghost in you must be able to teach you to be grave and full of values. You must wear Christ in your body; He has to be made manifest in every aspect of your life.

1 Timothy 3 is usually read at the ordinations of deacons and after this, many of them want to begin to live this life after being ordained deacons; this is what they should have grown with right from childhood, not when being made a deacon. 

When a man grows well and is full of values and character, it will show in his children who will be under subjection with all gravity. (1 Tim. 3:4)

A man must know indeed how to honour an elder, not because they are right all the time but because that is the right thing to do because it is a fundamental principle of life. (1 Tim. 5:1)

Activism is not righteousness! Most activists do not do well because they do not regard elders. An elder is not just one by tradition but also by grace placement. 

It is a privilege to lead and there is no absolute leader! As a leader somewhere, you should be a follower in another place. A normal human being must have people he defers and listens to. 

Sisters need to be handled with all purity of heart. It is not about running away from sisters. Many brothers erroneously believe that pretty sisters are possessed; they are not! It is the lust in you that must be dealt with!

Many male children did no grow up to see beautiful females; so, when they see beautiful sisters, they tend to lose their composure. Male children must be made to grow and see beautiful sisters and be balanced and not become dysfunctional.

You should not flee women but fornication! You must have enough grace to be at home with what God has created and not misbehave. Purity must be the hallmark of your life as a male man.

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