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The devil tasked us to prevent two strong Christians from marrying each other. Find out - Confession

I was a high-ranking Satanist, the fifth in Ivory Coast. The purpose of my testimony is that you may know how the enemy operates. He is accelerating the velocity of his operation against humanity. Very often and even today, I can feel the wave of his power and action in the air. I feel in my soul urgency.

One of the tasks we had in churches was to make sure that the spiritual eyes of God's children were shut. We worked so that God's children will remain blinded. They should not see the spirit world. We fought hard against the gift of vision and revelation. Brother, your child may be a witch. Given that you are blind, you will not see it. When an enchanted object comes to your house, you will not feel it.

There is blindness and a lack of spiritual vision among God's children. However, the more you spend time in prayer, the Lord will open your understanding and discernment and you will know how the devil enter so that the enemy will not have an advantage on you. In the past, I used to see Christians wearing belts that were snakes.

Actually, we were designing belts that were snakes in the Marine kingdom. We were bringing them to shops. Even God's children were buying. Since they are not led by the Spirit of God., they buy these belt-snakes in shops. The most expensive shoes in the world are made from human skin.

Because of lack of spiritual vision, you eat, love and trust those who plot against you in the workplace, school, and church. Intense prayer will cause the scale on your eyes to be removed. There is a real conflict. Wherever there is a Christian the devil will send his agents. Christians will face opposition and evil will not leave them alone because they are Christians. You must have a prayer life. The war is inevitable.

Giving and Forgiving: A lifestyle of giving means prayer before God. Brother, we were fighting giving and liberality among God's children. Forgiving means a lot in the spirit world. There is a voice in your offering and giving.

The more you give, the more your giving becomes prayer before the Lord, you shall be protected in your property because of your giving. Your offering speaks for you before the Lord.

Marriage: The marriage of two spiritual believers is a forbidden law. And it is a satanic law that we were to observe for we were supposed to prevent true converts and spiritual believers from getting married. For when these two unite in order to pray, it is extremely dangerous. When two people assemble to ask something to God, they will be unstoppable.

Thus, the devil has ordered us to stop two spiritual believers from coming together in marriage. We worked to cause carnal Christians to marry spiritual Christians so that one will be a stumbling block for the other. The weak will be a gateway in order to reach the stronger.

I have been a Satanist for 21 years and I have caused a lot of damage, so many damages. I regret these destructions and it hurt me. That is why I asked Christian parents to protect their children through prayer so that they will not be initiated in witchcraft, for I was just a child when I got initiated in witchcraft.

Though my father and mother were believers, they were blind spiritually. You have the obligation over the children, you have begotten them in the world, you must intercede for your children.

I was assigned to destroy children. Therefore, you must pray for your children to protect them from enchantment and initiation. Do you really know the spiritual condition of your children?

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