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How To Use Alligator Pepper And Kolanut to Destroy Spiritual Attack Against Your Business

I want to explain and make clear any misunderstanding that some people might have before I start. It is not a bad or evil practice to use kola nut and alligator pepper as prayer materials against any evil plot of the enemy against your business development, as some may want to argue. It's not poor to use alligator pepper and kola nut as prayer tools for business creation and success. Kolanut and alligator pepper are God's natural gifts that God has kept available to us for our use. They both have tremendous health and moral advantages, but I'm going to talk about their spiritual side. There are some signs that you find when the organization doesn't go as it should or unexpectedly collapses or starts to go backward. Please take prompt action instead of waiting until it's too late if you spot any of these signs on time. The symbols include:

1) If you note that for no reason, your clients or patronizers are unexpectedly falling

2) If you notice that your organization is going backward

3) If you barely make any more benefit from your money at the end of each month.

4) If you find that your market climate has an odd array of flies.

Now when you see all of these things, here's what to do:

* Get alligator pepper and kolanut

* Get anointing oil

Say these Psalms, go to your business environment; 69, 71 and 91. After that, take alligator pepper and kolanut, chew it all over your business area and spray it. After that, make positive comments about your business. Then sit back and watch the rest be done by God. Feel free to inquire in the comment box for more information.

Thanks for reading, the topics covered here are available for positive progress and critical assessments. Please do well to drop a comment below and share the article with as many as possible as possible

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Alligator Pepper Kolanut


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