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Alleged 'Yahoo' Boys Seen Spraying Bundles Of Cash In The Church - Video Causing Massive Stir Online

Everyone feels the urge to give to develop the house of God from the little they have. There is no problem with that since we the inhabitants of the church are the only ones that can make it a wonderful place.

Even the holy scriptures inquires from us to give but give wholehearted for our good deeds will definitely return to us.

The problem now is, is it right to give to the church from money that wasn't obtained through the right means. Is it a good thing to send money that was obtained through duping people to the house of God?

A video trending on social media has it that, a few gentlemen who are suspected to be 'yahoo boys' were seen in a church flying bundles of money that has been gathered in what seemed like a big bowl.

The church members are hilariously dancing around the gentleman as the pastor in charge asks the young men to kneel for his blessings.

If indeed these guys are Yahoo boys and obtained their money through those dubious means, do you think it is right to take such money in the church?

Kindly give your suggestion on this.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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