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Religion: Vanity upon vanity

Vanity upon vanity they tell you, all the time, they say life is all vanity. This vanity thing is usually quoted from the book of Ecclesiastes.

The book of Ecclesiastes was allegedly written by King Solomon...yes, the same King Solomon that was insatiable with wealth, women and power; the same King Solomon that was said to be the richest man in bible history. 

That's to tell you the bible like all religious books was carefully scripted to protect the rich and their interests and to keep the poor poorer? 

Just as Solomon was gathering power, wealth and women and writing to the poor that "vanity of vanities, all is vanity", the church has always been doing that throught its history. When slavery and wars were the norm that gave people and institutions wealth and power, the church was fully involved in it. Anything that brings power and wealth, the church is always involved in it. Yet they go about telling the poor that life is vanity and it's all vanity of vanities. They always tell you to focus on Jesus, while they always focus on power. That's all they are always interested in. Power and nothing else.

Today your pastors are gathering wealth, power and women and preaching to the sheeple about vanity upon vanities, all is vanity. They are buying the best cars, living in the best houses,wearing the best clothes, building the biggest cathedrals, buying private Jets, but they tell you to focus on Jesus because its vanity upon vanity, while they focus on your pockets and bank accounts and use it to live the best lives. 

Haven't you noticed that pastors with avarice (PWA) are the most vocal preachers of vanity?

If you don't keep your own vanity, your pastor will use it to fulfill his/her own vanity. All is still vanity. 

- Credit to AI Ahigbe

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