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The Account of Episcopal Sister Erica Aryee: Bishop Dag's Heart of Purpose and Genuine Support. PICS

Episcopal Sister Erica Aryee is a Lawyer, Wife, mother and most recently ordained as an Episcopal Sister in the United Denominations Originating from the Lighthouse Group of Churches (formerly Lighthouse Chapel International) is a Pentecostal Christian church founded in 1987 by Dag Heward-Mills and headquartered in Accra, Ghana.

She is happily married to Bishop Ernest Aryee, who heads the Teshie Aparche of the same church, for many years now. Her ordination basically means that, she is more like a female Bishop of the church and hence, aside been a wife of a full time minister of the church, she is also serving actively as a full time minister of the gospel.

In a post, she shared how Bishop Dag had been influential in her life, as he was there as a spiritual and father figure, to counsel and lead her through her marriage, career and now, in serving God. She writes that:

"I remember! How I first joined the church in Korle Gonno Cathedral just after finishing secondary school. Something about Bishop Dag and his passion for souls made me fall in love with him immediately. I joined the youth ministry and later Leadership International going to various secondary schools preaching the gospel of salvation.

Little did I know that a few years down the line he would come to know me and become a father to me. But that was exactly what happened. This man not only took over fathering me when my biological father died but paid my fees through law school to become a lawyer! How can I forget?

I had given up my dream of becoming a lawyer after Legon, but when I told him, he disagreed, and rather sent me to the law school and paid for my tuition, including my textbooks. Not only did he do that, but he also organized a party for me when I was called to the bar! Now, who does that? He made an example out of me so that I could become a good role model for other young girls in the church! Now, that is a shepherd!

I was not the easiest sheep to lead though, especially when it came to the issue of humbling myself to be marriageable. I was known to simply ‘bounce’ the brothers. Yet again, my shepherd counseled me, and through his influence, I got married to a peaceful and loving friend, one I remember ‘bouncing’ several times!

Today not only am I a lawyer, but a fulltime pastor, wife, and mother of three children. Anytime I get an opportunity to thank Bishop Dag, I say thank you for being there. What would have happened to the little girl with no father and no guide in her teenage years? What would have happened if you were not there to insist, I go to the law school? What would have happened if you were not there to pay my fees? What if you were not there to point out my foolishness in refusing a good brother? Thanks for being there! I will remember!!"

Indeed, from her all round successful life, this testimony means a lot, as it is indicative of the fact that, Bishop Dag is indeed a genuine man of God, who cares about the success and fulfillment of purpose of people he comes into contact with. And even most importantly, he wants to see millions saved and not just come to a knowledge of Jesus Christ, but even more so, to serve actively in the vineyard of our Lord and such rare men, should be celebrated always.

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