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Prophet In Custody For Requesting Manhood Liquid Of Some Boys For Rituals

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A man is God is a person who is supposed to lead us and also show us the way. Most of the time, we look up to a men of God. We look at their way of life and also try to live as such since it is the right thing to do in the eyes of many. Men of God are usually pure and consecrated people who have been called by God to lead people into repentance and help them to gain salvation.

Mostly, we do not associate men of God with some bad attitudes. They also do their best to stay out of trouble since they will like to always keep their reputation.

There is a new information that has reached my team and I. There is a man of God known as Richard Ato Davidson. He has been arrested by the Police after news broke out about what he has been doing with some of his members. He normally collects the fluids from the manhood's of men.

Apparently, the guys were not the first to have gone through such an ordeal. He has been having intercourse with some of the women and collecting their private part fluids.

He is said to have tried to lure a male with amount of GH¢ 2000. The Young Man however denied and reported him.

It is unclear whether the reason for the report was due to a meager amount proposed by the pastor or the young man was not in agreement with the pastor's plan.


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