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Christianity as a Cult (The Christian Faith)

Some may describe Christianity to be a faith derived from Christ. Others say believing and living in Christ. These are all true but to understand the Christian faith clearly, we need to know who Christians are. Christians bore the name ''Christians'' in Antioch because they were believed to be a group of people who fed on blood and flesh. People outside the faith at that time claimed the Christians drink some blood and eat some meat called Christ. Christians at then were not called their names because their lives looked like Christ, it was because of what they were feeding on. Bearing the Christian name was not a nice thing [1 Peter 4:6]. According to the scripture, being a Christian was not a comfortable thing to do. It was a normal thing for a Christian to suffer; Not now in this age, where people use the Christian term without understanding what it entails. Christians were people who ate flesh and drank blood. CHRISTIANITY WAS A CULT!

Hearing the word "cult" will get you panicking and shocked. These things are words and you need to have a deeper understanding of what they mean. The word "cult" is an English word that refers to a group of people who have come together to cultivate something. People who have the agenda of yielding something are known as a cult. These are English words that, based on their definitions can be used relatively. The church can be called a cult because it cultivates a faith. Christianity is a cult because it cultivates the Christ-life. In short, it is called the Christ cult. This leads further to the issue of occultism.

First, you need to understand that a cult is to have something you are cultivating. This can also be termed as owning the secrets of the cult. The word "occult" is also very relative. Once you have no idea of something, that something becomes occult. That is why if you ask the basic definition of an occult; they say ''it is a Secret Society''. Now if we want to use this explanation, we can say, anything we don't know about a group of people can be termed occult. The word ''occult'' is derived from the Latin word ''OCCULTUS'' which means hidden or secret. This was to take you back to where this word originated from. So for example, if I am in denomination A, I can say denomination B is occult to me. To make it easier, if I attend church at let's say Lighthouse, I can say the Methodist church is occult to me and vice versa because I do not know what goes on there. How an organization chooses its leaders can be occult to me because it is hidden from me.

Now let me define the relationship between cult and occult. Let me use two religions as a case study; Christianity and Traditionalism. A traditionalist sees Christianity as an occult because he or she has no idea of what Christianity entails. The secrets of Christianity are hidden from the traditionalist. This is the same way Christians see traditionalism[occult].

A Christian cannot call his religion occult because he or she knows what it is all about; the same applies to the traditionalist. A Christian sees his fellow brother in the same faith as a member of that cult because they are together cultivating something which is the Christ-life. So members of a true church are members of a cult, who are cultivating Christ. To people outside the church, it is occult because they do not know what goes on in there. I am occult to you because you do not know my secrets. The same way you are occult to me. So we can conclude to say everybody is everybody's occult. Sounds funny but it is deep.

I believe you understand what '' Church as a Cult'' actually meant. We will talk more about this in subsequent posts for you to have a deeper understanding. We will also talk about who the biggest occult is and why. We will also learn who the first occult was. Stay tuned for more and be a blessing.

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