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Laugh out challenge.

In our normal life,we will experience many things that will sometimes hurt us. But there are also so many things that will make as laugh out our fears and panics in us.

Here are some photos that will make you overcome your sadness

1.Are you agree with me that this guy is the handsome man in his village? My answer is yes because dark people's like this can anytime be classified as handsome.

Why am I saying that because you will see that he is ugly but when he himself looks through a mirror he will be proud of his handsomeness.

2. The big head smiling president Obama, is also another meme. who can smile with his one teeth missing? no one except this man.

3. This man has got a new girlfriend and the girl said he will come to him tonight and he started

4.The pastor who's preaching about death whiles sitting on a mat.

5.Who is corrupt? That question goes for everyone including Media, Government, Judiciary etc.

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