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What kind of Love does God didn't have for us? In Today's Word of God, God doesn't want us to peris.

No Parents will love to see a destruction to come up on his beloved one. As the Word of God put it on us in today's scripture, according to Mathew chapter 18 and the verse 14. It's never the will of God for us to perish. So beloved. Ask yourself that what at all do you see in satan that you think that it's greater than God, and does blindfold you from Loving and following God Your own Creator? There are therefore so many scriptures that proof the Love of God for us. And you can see that God has open the hearts wider in Mathew 18-14. Clearing the way for us by himself that we should feel very free and come to Him. And humble ourselves for His glory and Love to be seen on us. But some people have been stubborn enough to even said to themselves that hell is made for people and not for animals. But still the doors of God are open unto all. He doesn't want us to perish. Don't run away from God. He Loves you Come to Him in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. BLESS YOU.

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Jesus Christ Mathew


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