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We hated Christians who Tithe. Say these Bible verses for angels to descend from Heaven - Testimony

Brother has thrown more light on things Christians must do when reading the bible and Praying. He was into Occult but now in Christ and goes about revealing secrets of the devil’s devices. This is what he has to say.

The mystery I am trying to reveal to God's children is this when you are in battle, the reading and reciting of Psalms and Bible passages cause the angels of the Lord to descend right in the middle of your battle. There were Bible passages that are dreaded by the army of the devil. When I was working for Satan, I made sure that Christians remain ignorant of this mystery.

There are Bible passages and Psalms that cause immediate deployment of angels in the lives of God's children. When they recite these Psalms and many Bible verses, they summon the angels of heaven. In spiritual battle I have seen battalion and regiment of soldiers angels descending from heaven whenever God's children were reciting Bible passage. They are Psalms and passage of the Scripture that are connected to the angelic ministry.

The army of the devil is afraid of God's children reciting Psalms and Bible passages in their houses. Indeed, many Psalms and Bible passages cause the angels of war to descend. When God's children recite these passages and Psalms in times of conflict and adversity, the host of the army of heaven descend. There is angelic deployment behind many Bible passage. They act upon the passage when you recite them. Prayer with God's word is so powerful.

Whenever you recite Psalm 24 Lift up your heads, oh you gates be lifted up you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come. The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle, He is the King of glory. When you recite this passage, there is a number of angels that descend. I never knew how many of them. Nevertheless, a group of angels will descend to wherever this Bible verse is quoted.

In this eternal war, there are three strategic times of the day for prayer. In the dark world, we were told not to let Christian pray in these strategic times of the day, which is Dawn, midday and six in the evening. There are God angels descend in the morning to bring God's children the answer. And there are power deployed by the devil to stop God's children from receiving.

I would like to give God's children Psalm that you can recite in the morning. They destroy whatever plot and conspiracy that the enemy has resulted in the night. This Bible passage neutralizes whatever enemy has planned for your life in the night and cause God angels to come down and neutralize the plan and snare of the enemy.

In Psalm 57, the Bible says, let your glory be over all the earth. They set a net for my steps, my soul was bowed down, they dug a pit in my way, but they have fallen into it themselves. When you recite these three Psalms, the angels that follow these words of God will come down and cancel everything.

You can read Psalm 35 at midday for the devil don't like it. For the soldier angel that is connected to this Psalm is powerful, robust and dangerous. At midday, everyday demons leave the sun and they cause sicknesses and migraines. I admit our demons who caused these sicknesses and migraine. Dark forces are really strong at that time of the day. They work for the queen of the South called Jehoshaphat.

The Bhagavad-Gita Khrisna is the personification of the Sun God. When you recite Psalm 35 at midday the angel come down and disrupt their activity. However, you must make sure that you are holy in this war. You can recite Psalm 24, which is also dangerous. In the night before you sleep, you can read Psalm 99. There is another Psalm which is 29, which is very dangerous for the second heaven and the angel warrior who come down.

When you recite Psalm 29 which is called the voice of God for when he came down, he will cause a war that causes demons to be scattered in the second heaven and they open the passage. The Bible has all the solutions to all the problems on the earth. In the Bible, there are nine spiritual gifts and nine fruits of the Spirit. Each gift of the Spirit is connected to a fruit of the Spirit. There are Bible passages when you recite them, they open the spiritual gift. We were fighting so that men of God would not have a gift of vision and discernment.

Six in the evening is called the hour of landing for it is the sunset. Every day at 6pm, all the gateway to the world of Satan opened up. All the satanic agents travel at 6pm. They would begin to fill their planes and cars with oil, and at half-past 11, they will be arriving in the world of Satan. Midnight is the intensity of the dark activity. These are strategic times we were to stop believers bringing in this time.

In the White House beneath the ocean the devil was also telling us to stop God's people from giving tithes. When you resolve in a moment to give God, we were coming to you so that you can be changing our mind. Dear reader, Tithing is important as you just read. And reading the Bible is non-negotiable in our walk with Christ. Be wise. Please “like” my page as well.


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