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How to Fight Spiritual Battles with Garlic and Salt at Night

Most at times things do happen in our life’s and we ask ourselves are we destined for this encounter?

There are some spiritual things we need to do after we are done praying. This is one good way to help you fight spiritual battles at night.

And you have to be ready to face anything that happens because friends will start fighting or quarreling with you.

Even some family members will do the same too, you need to stand strong and fight them back. These are two ways prepare it;

Ø first put water on fire for it to boil

Ø Add salt to the water and leave water to cool.

Ø Grind garlic and add it to the water and salt solution.

Ø After pour the solution into a bottle and make a pray request.

Ø Pour it into your bathing water only in the evening when you are about to sleep.

The other alternative is ;

Ø Grind garlic and mix it with salt.

Ø Apply it to every part of the skin 5 to 10 minutes before you take your bath.

Please be prepared for anything because you will be fighting and defeating people in your dreams and please don’t be surprised the people you see in your dreams. Some will use the faces of your loved ones against you but try and be patient and continue using it for sometime you will see the difference. You can sprinkle some of the garlic solution in the room.

Thank you for reading and please don’t forget leave a comment, follow me for more about herbs good uses of them share and like. God bless you.


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