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Avraham Ben Moshe: Corruption Began In The Churches, Stop Going There.

Avraham Ben Moshe officially known as Ibrahim Ali is a Ghanaian anti- religion activist and the leader of the Common Sense Family. He is also known for his popular debates with renowned pastors on the legitimacy of the Bible.

According to Avraham in his today’s Facebook live session, Ghanaians should stop going to church and worship God in their homes, since corruption started in the church, where the monies of the poor people are take by the pastors.

He went on to say that, most of the leaders of Ghana are religious and they attend big churches in the country and yet still, they are still stealing the state’s money. He said that, their various pastors can’t tell them the truth because they, themselves are also corrupt.

He concluded that, the pastors of the churches in Ghana are using the money of the poor members to buy properties for themselves and their families, living the financially unstable church members to suffer in poverty.

What do you think of the claims of Avraham Ben Moshe concerning the churches and pastors in Ghana? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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