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Bishop Agyinasare's First Born Son Preaches Like Bishop Oyedepo Rather and Not Like His Father.

Bishop Charles Agyinasare is a renowned senior member of the clergy. His church that started many years ago has become a center of hope and life for thousands who thronged their headwaters church and the over 530 branches dotted around the country every Sunday to be taught God's word.

PHOTO 1: Bishop and Rev. Agyinasare.

PHOTO 2: Bishop Agyinasare with his two sons with their wives, His daughter with the Husband and An adopted daughter with the husband.

Having built a reputation for himself as a cool teacher of the word, yet powerful healing minister of God, his crusades has sen countless miracles recorded. Blessed as he is also, two of his three sons are serving faithfully in the ministry currently, the first born was recently elevated to the position of the resident pastor at the Perez Dome, the nation's officially largest church auditorium with a 14.000 seating capacity, whiles his second born son, the 31years old Rev. Francis Agyinasare is the resident pastor of the other main french service congregation, a service tailored to suit largely an international audience who speak the french, as this son is fluent in the language and is a holder of a Master's degree in Business Management also.

However, one interesting fact about his two sons is that, whereas the second born took after the dad directly, the first born did not. Rev. Francis Agyinasare flows in his teaching like the father and quickly moves largely to minister the healing anointing after most teaching service like the father. His messages are largely centered on God's healing power and His ability to heal all manner of sicknesses at the name of Jesus Christ and he has several testimonies to attest to this power of God at play.

Rev. Francis Agyinasare, Bishop's Second Born

However, the first born, Pastor Dr. Selaise Esar Agyinasare this first born of Bishop Charles Agyinasare rather surprisingly, teaches with the force and word power akin to that of Bishop David Oyedepo. Clearly, he must have found his spiritual roots to the Nigerian man of God, who must have influenced his style of ministering with emphasis on the authority of the word solely and the power that comes alive from its authoritative teaching as well.

In the ministration of Bishop Oyedepo, one can realize that, he largely will not make time for special healing after his teaching, as he believes that, it happens as his word goes forth. Same force and perspective characterizes Pastor Selaise ministry. He looks naturally as a quiet young man, but the moment he is giving the microphone to preach, he delves deep in the word by been authoritative in his presentation of the gospel. Maybe a video should help anyone agree or disagree with this point fro here

Pastor Selaise is a Medical Doctor, who trained in the Ukraine and is married with Pastor Ella Agyinasare and they are blessed with a beautiful daughter by name Carly Agyinasare.

photo: Facebook page

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