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Churches Should be Paying Taxes

The tax system is set up by ever country, democratic or autocratic. A system that is not new to this age of humanity and neither the preceding ones. A mandatory collection from the income of individuals or organizations by a regulatory body, to facilitate the development of a nation. Yes individual or organizations and not to throw away but to develop the very same nation they all live in so why not religious entities like a churches, mosques, shrines or temples.

There are many countries around the world that religious entities are tax exempted, we are talking in relation the cooperate taxes that are demanded by authorities from profit making organizations be it sole proprietorship or limited liabilities so why not churches. Why are most churches exempted from contributing to this statutory collections?

Religious bodies are set up with a higher task of rather giving to the society than taking or so we think. It is believed it is not set up as a [profit making entity but rather offering a service to the community as a hub for gathering many at a certain time of the day in peace, that its teachings pushes to eradicate all social vices, that its structure is set to help the needy and counsel many on health or life decisions. These are what these religious entities represent but is that the truth?

If a today religious body should be able to release its financials, one might be marveled at the funds they amass from these congregations, what some call religious taxes thus offerings, seeds and tithes. And then go on to flaunt it around sometimes, acquiring the most expensive clothes, buildings and cars and in some cases airplanes. This isn’t the vision of consideration under which they were allowed not to be seen as a normal profit organization so were tax exempted.

Yes! Church must start paying taxes just like any other entity, what they are supposed to be the society with is not happening, some gather so much and build schools and other institutions, but not for free, they then run that different set up as a business on its own, separating themselves from involvement in them but it is not possible for that to be done.

Ones the market seller pays some form of taxes, the religious bodies must also be pulled in because they are running the intended societal assistance entity as a business. Africa, open your eye. 

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