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Your life in God must not be sinful one. You must be able to future your life by resting every sin.

Beloved of God. Just as a sensible human being will hate to see borla, filthy gutter, and toilet, that he or she will never get close to it. Neither will you go and pick anything from there to eat or to be use for anything, that's how living in Christ Jesus simply is.

Everybody who is claim to be in Love with God and humble in Him in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ, this person is simply as a visionary, who has been able to achieve wealth of success and Gold, Diamonds, and Build a beautiful mansion and living in, that will never allow filt to get close to him.

Such a great person, will always make himself clean and even will dress his servants and his house maids clean. And will not allow any mad people or dirty stuffs around him. You will love to even be changing your cars and be using tear rubber at all times. Your clothes will I not talk about as such. Abi we all know dada.

So James chapter 4 verse 7. Is a great Word of God. And is beseeching us to give due respect to God and avoid sinning. Just as The Word of God according to the Bible in the Book Galatians chapter 3 verse 1. Is telling us not to be fooling around with God by falling into sin, so I Your Prophet I am humbly helping you by telling you that we can make it. We must live a clean life and behave well at all times. What at all do we gain in sinning apart from regrets? Let us lift up the Head of our Lord Jesus Christ everywhere we go and everything we do by resisting sin. You are stronger than sin power. You are mature enough to be the soldier in the army of the Lord. You must walk this path through and run the raise. You must never be the same again. Bless You for God.

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