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"Why Do You See Red And Call It White"- Prophet Nigel Gaise

The founder and leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaise has dropped another hot message to his follow Prophets of God about the Prophetic ministry. The bible indeed said the truth shall set you free and to move the prophet Ministry to the higher level for God almighty to welcome his children with blessings, it needs unity and truth amount the worker's of God.

Prophet Nigel Gaise has stated on his facebook wall today that it looks like some men of God has decided not to speak truth for Gods ministry to grow and keep on lying while seeing that the truth must be told.

The man of God sometimes this year said he wanted unity among the men of God because he knew that before they can move forward in the work of God, they must come one and preach to the people and say truth no matter what is giving to you.

Prophet Nigel Gaise said some behavior of some men of God will let the church compromised in the future to come because they have followed their own doing of things instead of leaving for God. He said why do some men of God see red they and call it white? Prophet Nigel Gaise did not mentioned names or explained the actual reasons why he was stating such message.

"It becomes more confusing and hopeless when the church is compromised! NAKED TRUTH BECOMES VERY EXPENSIVE ON THE LIPS OF MOST VESSELS OF GOD.The very poor people will see the truth but for coins at their table today, they will COME ONLINE AND DEFEND THE RUBBISH OF THE SYSTEM,THE PURGATORY, BROAD-DAY ROBBERY which will expose them to suffer greatly in the future. WHY DO YOU SEE RED AND CALL IT WHITE. WHITE IS WHITE. SPEAK THE TRUTH" he said today.

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