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Photos: Pastor Embarrasses Slay Queen On The Road Side

Sometimes when the holy spirit descend upon some pastors they don't add common sense to it. They just used it to abuse someone's right. Pastor will sometimes instruct his church members to do something that threatens their life but will insist the church members do it. From the footages a pastor harass a lady on her way. It could be seen that the lady was moving with her friend along the roadside.

They happened to come across the pastor who was also preaching along the roadside. One interesting thing is that, the pastor forcefully insist on delivering the lady, the lady told the pastor she is not interested but the pastor still insisted it. It became a sort of argument and misunderstanding between the two. The lady told the pastor he is embarrassing her as it happened in the public along the road.

The pastor Didn't Care of any of it. He insisted of delivering the lady whether she likes or not. So many peoples came to gather around and some even told the pastor to let the lady go but still the was reluctant. Police had to be called to come and intervene before the lady was able to go her way.

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